Psychoanalysis, which roots we may find in former centuries in the efforts done by human culture trying to understand mental activity, is something alive that endlessly develops, adapts and is fertilized by new environments in new times.
Such processes of integration and enrichment by local cultural elements have continued to happen in many countries during the last century – since the beginning of psychoanalysis – and have produced an interesting and flourishing tree with a multitude of branches – schools that grow tall from the trunk of Freud’s psychoanalysis.
I have nourished myself at this tree in particular by fruits of Donald Winnicott, Melanie Klein, Jose Bleger, Heinz Kohut, Hans Loewald, Daniel Stern, Otto Kernberg, Thomas Ogden, Antonio Alberto Semi, Ferdinando Vanni, Antonino Ferro, Stefano Bolognini, Giuseppe Civitarese and many others.

High school
Psychiatry and Psychoanalytic Training
Mental Health Centre Manager
Psychoanalytic private practice
IPA and SPI Member
Diffusion of Psychoanalysis
PIEE – Eastern Europa
Training Analyst
International New Groups Committee

Born in Trieste.

Diploma at the Slovene High School “France Prešeren” in Trieste.

Degree in Medicine in Padova.

Specialized as a psychiatrist in Milano, starts his work at the Psychiatric Hospital in Trieste in the team of Prof. Franco Basaglia.

Starts in Venice his psychoanalytic training within the Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI).

Manages the first territorial Mental Health Centre of the Trieste Psychiatric Service in Duino-Aurisina.

Head psychiatrist in the Trieste Mental Health Department.

Starts part-time psychoanalytic private practice.

Accomplishing his training becomes Member of the SPI and International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA).

Quits the Psychiatric Service and becomes Head psychiatrist at the public Service for Child and Adolescence Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Quits the public service and since then works full time in private practice as a psychoanalyst.

Starts his activity for the diffusion of psychoanalysis in Eastern Europe.

The IPA and the European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF) appoint him as Director of the “Han Groen Prakken Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe” (PIEE) until 2014. Advisor of the Instituto Latinoamericano de Psicoanalisis.

Training Analyst at the SPI.

Member of the IPA Site Visit Committee in Cina.

Co-Chair for Europe in the IPA International New Groups Committee.

Founding Member of the Slovenian Society for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.